ForumAI: Intro

ForumAI is a Decentralized Machine Learning Inference Marketplace built on Skale, with a focus on Enterprise clients. It allows developers and businesses to easily access powerful open-source AI models, including large language models (LLMs) and generative models for image and video, hosted by data centers worldwide.

ForumAI provides a developer-friendly environment with comprehensive API and SDK support, ensuring quick and seamless integration into applications in just a few minutes, across various industries, such as Web3 gaming and beyond.

Why do we need a decentralized network?

Decentralized machine learning inference democratizes access to AI technology, breaking free from the constraints of centralized providers.

We ensure faster and more cost-efficient AI processing by spreading tasks across a global node network. This empowers a broader range of developers and enterprises to use AI without the high costs or censorship risk.

Benefits for developers

  • Less latency and more efficient use of computational power and bandwidth through local node-client relationships

  • Censorship-resistant and permissionless no need to fear getting banned by your provider

  • Dynamic, demand-based pricing

  • No authorization keys or web2 payment processors. Everything is handled by the Titan AI Hub chain.

  • One SDK and one wallet to access all sorts of AI models

Benefits for Data Centers/ Nodes/ Machine Learn hosts

  • We take care of distribution, you only have to worry about your tech

  • Higher capacity utilization rate through our distribution

  • No payment processors or banks

Introducing "Model Markets Smart Contracts"

ForumAI works with smart contracts called "model markets," which are deployed on the Titan AI Hub blockchain and handle authorization and payments. Each model market represents a specific open-source ML model, such as Mixtral8x-7B and the upcoming Llama 3.

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